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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Don’t Delay! Install Your Dream Sprinkler Before Spring

The following facts prove how important their lawns are to homeowners in North America: they spend about four hours a week taking care of their lawns; Americans on average spend three-hundred-sixty-three dollars per year on their lawns; in the United States alone, over eighty-five million people have lawns; and twenty-two million homeowners have a professional landscaper taking care of their lawn. For even more fun facts and details, be sure to visit http://www.lawncare-made-easy.com/lawn-care-facts.html. With so much money being spent on lawns each year in North America, a sprinkler system should be a basic necessity for all owners of commercial and residential property in Toronto.

Sprinklers made for irrigation purposes are perfect for attending to everything from crops, to gardens, to the needs of golf courses – these systems save time, energy, and labour. Watering a lawn by hand takes a long period of time, especially with a large parcel of land, and may end up costing more on your water bill by the end of the summer than a good sprinkler system. This is because a good system is designed to conserve water and only irrigate plants during non-peak water-usage times, when costs are lower. The best devices will also know just how much water your lawn or garden needs and will shut of when needed. This feature will prevent you from either over or under watering your lawn since it is entirely automated.

A good sprinkler system is a marvelous investment for any home or business as it will increase the value of your property. When choosing a new system, remember that the installation of the equipment is just as important as the design of it. Both features will affect the life and performance of your sprinkler so it is important not only to purchase a quality sprinkler, but have it installed correctly as well.

When your sprinkler system has been installed properly by a lawn care professional like EZ Lawn Sprinklers, it will take care of your lawn the right way. As long as you continue to have proper maintenance done regularly, your irrigation system should continue to work effortlessly for you or your business for many years to come. Lawn care specialists like EZ Lawn Sprinklers in Leaside, Ontario can help you learn about lawn sprinkler installation and provide you with the answers to any addition questions you may have or information you may need regarding a new irrigation system.

Whether you need a sprinkler system this spring for a commercial or residential property, be certain you get the product that is right for your needs. Take into account factors like cost; which automated features you need and which you can live without; along with the size, shape, and design of your lawn; the type of soil you have; and any fencing or trees on or near the lawn – as these features are all critical in determining which irrigation system is right for you or your company. Saving money, time, and energy are all positive attributes of a new sprinkler system.
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