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Monday, 6 March 2017

Why Foundation Repair Cannot Be Ignored

The health and safety of every home depends on the strength and quality of the foundation. When the foundation isn’t steadily holding the walls or floors, things begin to move, doors and windows don’t open correctly, drywall begins to crack, and the siding can come off.

These are just a few signs that something needs to get fixed – immediately. Foundation problems are never to be ignored!

Procrastination Is Not Your friend

Whether it’s time or funds, procrastinating a foundation repair will never go over well. While in other situations putting off necessary tasks may turn out alright, that is not true of foundations.

The Consequences

The longer foundation repair is put off, the more expensive it becomes to repair and the more at-risk your home becomes.

Sinking foundations, for example, caused either by improper installation or the shrinking and expansion of soil, cause jammed windows, hard to open doors or cracks in the drywall. A section of the house may even begin to separate from the other if not taken care of. These can only be fixed using underpinning, which uses piers placed under the foundation to stabilize.

Luckily, most damage can be repaired in this way, but obviously the worse it is, the more it will cost.

And, as mentioned before, the costs of fixing and repairing everything above ground can also add up, as walls may need to be repaired or reconnected, drywall fixed, painting and finishing redone, as well as floors.

But They’re Just Small Cracks!

If your foundation isn’t sinking, but has cracks, you’ll need to determine the severity of the cracks, though all should be addressed.

Even the smallest of cracks can:

  • Let in water, which in turn can freeze and cause even bigger cracks.
  • Allow bugs, like termites, to enter and do more damage to the home.
  • Grow larger depending on the pressures causing it.
Most of the time, small cracks don’t indicate structural issues and are probably due to weather or climate issues.

But when cracks are bigger than 1/6th of an inch, you can’t put off doing something about it. These should be assessed by a structural engineer or foundation repair professional. IF the crack runs around a corner, or goes completely from the top to the bottom of the foundation and up the house, the same thing goes. These are probably caused by shifting soil.

Just Do It

Though it seems daunting and expensive (which it can be), it needs to be done. Taking the easy way out and filling up the crack with epoxy isn’t going to solve the problem, and it will be much more worth your time and money to evaluate, repair, reduce pressure on the foundation, installing drainage systems, and more. Those sorts of things need to be done by a professional in foundation repairs, like the experts found at http://www.foundationrepairdfw.net/.
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