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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Top Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Healthy and Lush

As spring approaches, it’s only natural to start thinking about getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors once again. For many homeowners, part of the great outdoors is their lawn, which can offer a great sense of pride, but also some stress and anxiety when it comes to caring for it. It’s no secret that a healthy lush lawn isn’t just a fluke, instead it requires plenty of work and know-how. With that in mind we’ve gathered up the top tips that you can use that will help ensure your lawn stays healthy and lush all season long.

Make Sure Your Lawn Gets the Right Amount of Water
All too often people jump to the conclusion that their lawn is looking worse for the wear due to a lack of watering. While this may be true, it’s important to understand that you can also damage your lawn if you over-water it. According to the experts, such as those at KG Landscapes, understanding when and how much water your lawn needs is perhaps the number one tip when it comes to lawn care.

In general, lawns require one inch of water on a weekly basis. What this means is that if you're getting a lot of rain, you likely don't need to water. Here's another tip, it's better to give your lawn one good long soaking in the week than short frequent waterings. As for when to water, early morning is the absolute best time with evening being the worst.

Make sure that when you do water the lawn the sprinkler is also well-placed so it’s hitting all the spots. It may be necessary to move it around in order to get everything.

Cutting the Grass
Here's another tip that will help keep your lawn healthy and lush. By cutting your grass on a regular basis, you will actually help to encourage growth and thickness. There are grass cutting tips you can use such as making sure to cut with a sharp blade that is raised. You don't want to cut your lawn too short, as it can cause stress should you end up going through a drought.

Dealing with Weeds
Most homeowners will attest to the fact that weed control is one of the most frustrating parts of caring for a lawn. It seems like it is an uphill battle that will never end. The fact of the matter is that weeds are very hard to kill and remove completely, so this means you will likely need to stay on it. If you don't have the time and energy to dedicate to weed control, it's probably best to hire the experts to come in. The experts can even fertilize the lawn for you, taking care of two big aspects of lawn care.

Enjoy Your Lawn
While it’s nice to have a healthy lush lawn, you don’t want to spend all your free time caring for it. Instead focus on these main tips and then be sure to actually get out there and enjoy the outdoors.
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