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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Key Benefits to Regularly Servicing Your Home Furnace

When it comes to having appliances and home installations serviced there are some that you should most certainly give more importance to than others. For example, upon the purchase of your fridge/freezer or your dishwasher you will no doubt be told that you should have them serviced every couple of years but in reality, how many of us actually do so? The truth is that when these appliances have problems, leak or stop working, that is when we will do something about them.

Should your home furnace have problems or stop working then you could be in trouble and this is the type of equipment which you have in the house that you should absolutely ensure has annual service maintenance. It is estimated by HVAC that 75% of all call-outs during the winter for heating problems are as a result of those people who opted not to care for or have their furnace serviced regularly. Here are just a few more reasons why it is imperative that you get your furnace serviced annually.

Stay Warm
The most obvious and basic reason to have the furnace regularly serviced is to avoid breakdowns and to ensure that you can stay warm and have access to hot water in the home. Why bother waiting until something goes wrong when it is far easier to stay on top of the health of your furnace and avoid such problems altogether?

Energy and Cost Efficiency
If your furnace is not functioning to the highest of its capabilities then you will be more than likely using energy to power the boiler unnecessarily. The result of this is not just harmful to the environment but also harmful to your pocket as you could be paying sky-high energy bills whilst only receiving a small percentage of the actual benefits.


An aging or poorly functioning home furnace could present great dangers to your health and if it is not serviced regularly then you are likely to have no clue about it until it is too late. The worst possibility is the presence of Carbon Monoxide as a result of an antiquated furnace which uses propane or natural gas for its combustion. Carbon Monoxide presents grave dangers to your health and could even, in extreme cases, lead to death.

The air ducts which the furnace uses to filter out all kinds of dirt and debris will become clogged over the years and should this happen then the furnace will lose its ability to provide clean air. The result of this will be that dirty air, filled with harmful bacteria could be floating around the home just waiting to leave marks on the furniture or worse still, be ingested by those living in the house and cause health problems.

Having your furnace inspected will not set you back a great deal of money and in fact, it will save you money in the long run as emergency fixes or replacements do not come cheap. Don’t take the financial or health risk and ensure that you keep your furnace serviced each year.
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