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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Yogurt Can Be a Homemade Nutritional Snack!

Have you ever tried making your own yogurt? You may be a little skeptical. Learning to make your own yogurt can be cost-effective and fun! Lately, people are gradually switching to homemade yogurt rather than packed ones. The automatic yogurt maker just made it easier for you! Read more on how to make yogurt using a high-quality automatic yogurt maker. 

How does a yogurt maker work?
Yogurt makers will not heat the milk! You may need to heat the milk either in a microwave or a stove. Follow the directions to learn how a yogurt maker works. Put milk in the yogurt maker and heat it to the proper temperature.

The machine will monitor the milk temperature. This is the time to add the whole milk to your yogurt maker. You’ll need two tablespoons of yogurt starter batch for every four cups of warm milk. 

It’ll either stir on its own or you have to stir in the starter batch, all this depends on the maker. Your machine is now set and ready to be turned on. Or put extra effort to take the yogurt starter base into individual containers. Once it’s placed in individual containers, set the timer.

Make sure you’ve set the right time on the machine, else it can get undercooked or overcooked. The time recommended is 12 hours, but it can take 14 to 16 hours as well. If you don’t time it right, the yogurt can turn sour!

If you want to add fruits and other stuff, like flaxseed, add it to the yogurt after the starter batch is made. This allows the yogurt to blend in with the fruits, but you would need to stir it evenly to avoid lumps. Once done, make sure you take out the yogurt within an hour to relish its delicious and creamy texture.

Using a yogurt maker is a great way to prepare homemade, unprocessed yogurt. When you understand how it works, it’s easy to make yogurt from the comfort of your home. SAVE big by staying away from packed yogurt!

What are the healthy benefits of yogurt?
Read more about the health benefits of eating yogurt.

1. Bone-friendly food
Yogurt, cow’s milk, and fermented milk products have lactoferrin that binds iron. Calcium in dairy food helps to boost cell activity and growth to strengthen bones. Make your kid’s bones grow faster and stronger with calcium dairy products. A healthy dose of yogurt for adults doesn’t prevent osteoporosis, but reverses its effects! 

2. Body defense
You might know that yogurt contains bacteria. Don’t panic; they’re friendly! The bacteria strains help to build a better body defense system. Eat some quantity of yogurt every day to improve your immune system. When the immune system is better, you’re less likely to be vulnerable to diseases. This will help your body fight against bacteria and viruses.

In women, consuming yogurt can help keep vaginal yeast infection away and balance vaginal pH level. It improves your metabolism and fights inflammatory infections, like ulcers and arthritis.

3. Reduce major health risks
Dairy foods help to reduce health risks! Low-fat dairy products can lower the risk of developing high blood pressure by 50%. It can control and improve your cholesterol profile, and lowers bad cholesterol levels while increasing the good cholesterol. 

Life’s easy with yogurt maker!
Preparing your own food is a fantastic way to know what’s missing in food, and whether it’s healthy for you or not. One such food is yogurt! Most of us can’t have enough of it! It’s rich in protein and extremely useful in digestion. The problem begins with “how to make yogurt?”

Don’t worry, if you don’t know how to make yogurt, it’s easy to make it right at home using a yogurt maker. Make sure you invest in a top quality yogurt maker that gives you consistent results.
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