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Friday, 20 January 2017

Self Storage Is Growing — Here's Why!

It was only a few years ago that mini self storage was practically unheard of. Now, these storage facilities are all over North America. The GTA (and Thornhill especially) are home to a startling number of facilities boasting simple and affordable storage spaces, and people are cashing in on their space-saving benefits. Keep reading to learn why mini self storage is sweeping Thornhill, the continent, and the world.

When it comes to storing your belongings outside of your home, you need certain guarantees regarding these items’ safety. You can’t leave valuable possessions in a place that’s under threat of theft, nor can you place delicate pieces of furniture in a structure that’s open to the elements. Otherwise you might as well just place your belongings in a shed or garage and hope for the best. That’s why these facilities are growing in popularity all over Thornhill. They actually provide the essential security and climate control you need to keep your stuff safe.

When you speak with a representative from one of the facilities in the city, they can outline how they intend to protect your stored goods. The storage specialists at Abacus Self Storage will take the time to explain how each security feature is used to create the best defence against theft and the environment. You can also take a look at their methods by checking out Abacusselfstorage.com/self-storage-thornhill at a time that’s most convenient for you.

Like Abacus in Thornhill self storage units should come with constant video surveillance and monitored alarms, backed up by physical security checks completed by an on-site manager. Brightly lit facilities enclosed by an electronic fence are another way to keep your stuff safe. Pest and temperature controls will also make sure your belongings are protected from humidity, insects, and rodents.

Once these measures are in place, you can reap the benefits of off-site storage. Instead of your personal home or place of business full of unnecessary or unwanted items, you can place all of the belongings you don’t currently need in your house in storage. It will free up critical space wherever you need it most, helping you to keep on top of clutter, seasonal storage, and long-term stowage.

In Canada, it’s estimated 3,000 facilities offer critical storage across the country. In the US, the number is even greater at 52,000 locations. These numbers will only increase for the secure and affordable storage opportunity they offer. Check out the self storage Thornhill residents trust and join the wave!
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