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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Timber Framed Windows And Doors

A home really is a retreat. It offers us protection from the outside world, and it is something that most of us are proud of, even if we aren’t considered especially house proud. Features like the windows and doors shouldn’t be overlooked when you are designing or redesigning a property. Not only do these serve very important functions, but they are also visible from the interior and exterior of the property, and windows are found right around the house.

This prominence and importance means that they are a vital component of your home’s design and if you choose windows that do not fit with the style of home that you have, or you choose the cheapest option without considering the long term ramifications, you could find yourself extremely disappointed with the final results. Fortunately, there are many options available to the property owner, and this means that you can create the look and feel that you want both inside and outside the property.

Thankfully, the trend for ripping out beautiful wooden frames and replacing them with sterile and lifeless uPVC has passed, in most cases. Homeowners are beginning to realise the aesthetic benefit of wood, while also realising that wooden frames are not as energy inefficient or as high maintenance as PVC manufacturers made out in the latter half of the 20th Century. In fact, the maintenance requirements of timber frames could even be looked on as a benefit, because it is this that means that timber framed doors and windows can be repaired, and it is also for this reason that timber framed windows can be painted so that they regain the same great looks that they had when they were first installed.

In contrast, plastic frames cannot usually be repaired without having to replace the whole frame, even if there is only minimal damage. Another problem with plastic frames is that they can become discoloured by the sun and by the rain. You won’t be able to paint over the plastic in order to reinvigorate the look of your windows, whereas with wood you should paint every year or two in order to offer further protection for the wood frame and also to have the frame looking as good as new again.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a period property that has existing timber frames, then you may not have to have them replaced, because of the fact that they can often be repaired. Speak to a professional timber frame installation company or window engineer and they will be able to advise you regarding whether or not your windows need fully replacing, or whether you could get away with having a few repairs made and an additional paint of coat applied.

If you do need to replace your timber windows, or you want to take out plastic windows and replace them with beautiful and natural looking timber frames, then you are likely to choose hardwood frames, and you can even opt for traditional window designs like sliding sash windows.

The Original Box Sash Window Company is a specialist window installation and window engineering firm, dealing with the repairs or replacement of timber framed sash windows. Get a traditional look and long lasting results from your next windows.
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