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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Rooftop Gardens Ideal For London Properties

Not everybody enjoys the luxury of outdoor space, especially those that own property in the capital, where land comes at a premium. However, whether you have a small outdoor area and want more, or you own a top floor apartment, you could benefit from creating, designing, and maintaining a rooftop garden. They should be designed so that they are easy to maintain, with only some light weeding, but you can get creative with colours, plant types, and any accessories, seating, and tubs that you use.

Arguably the greatest challenge of a rooftop garden is usually the restricted size. Whether you have the full expanse of the roof to play with, or there are air conditioning and other units in the way, you will need to plan every detail carefully in order to ensure that you attain the garden style and design that you are looking for.

Perhaps the most enjoyable benefit is how far removed most rooftop gardens are from the rest of the world. Traffic may be busily speeding past below, but your rooftop will feel tranquil and relaxed. You can make the most of this by creating additional shelter with medium to tall plants, but very tall plants and trees are likely to require tethering or tying in order to prevent them blowing over and off the roof.

During high winds and gales, you will need to take extra care that any plastic furniture or other items do not blow away. If they cause damage or injury on the road below, you could potentially face a battle. Heavier furniture, such as wooden or cast iron furniture, is less likely to blow, and depending on the roof material you may be able to affix the furniture permanently to further prevent movement from becoming a problem.

Furniture is a great addition to a rooftop garden, and if you are limited with regards to inside space, then using the external space that you have to optimum effect means that you can enjoy your home even more. Consider a small table and chairs, and even a barbecue or food preparation area.

Safety must be a consideration when designing a rooftop garden, and not only when tying trees. Railings and barriers should be erected around the perimeter, and these should be strong enough to be leant on, although it is best to avoid leaning on them in the first place. While you may want a small gap between the bottom of the barrier and the roof itself, do remember the drop from roof to ground and consider whether anything can blow over or roll over.

Simple planters enable you to add colour via the plants and shrubs that you opt for, but there are colourful and heavily designed planters that are also available. These can work well when combined with simple plants. You should choose hardy plants, because anything that lives on your roof will be subjected to harder conditions than they would if they were planted in the garden on ground level.

Garden Club London can design external and rooftop gardens for London property owners, enabling you to make the most of every square foot of space that you have.
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