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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Top design tips for a cool and modern nursery

Getting a nursery ready in advance is somewhat reassuring for future parents: it will spare you sending your stress levels up a further notch after baby’s arrival.

While practicality and safety are obviously top priorities when designing a room for a baby, creating a cool and modern space in line with the rest of your home and without compromising on comfort is not an impossible mission with our help and the following tips.

Designing for your little one doesn’t have to be boring and you don’t need to compromise on style!

Floorings: safe and decorative

Wooden and laminate floors are both ideal for a nursery: they’re resistant and very easy to clean, reducing potential allergies caused by dust accumulation.

Combined with a washable play mat in the centre of the room, they can provide as much comfort as a carpeted floor, without any of the downsides such as dust, bacteria and non-removable stains.

Wooden floors can be painted in black, dark brown or white for a trendy interior. Laminate can’t be renovated or painted over but you’ll find a wider array of design options so you’re unlikely to run out of inspiration.

On the walls: keep it simple!

With great possibilities come great responsibilities, but finding the perfect design balance on the walls is actually easier than you’d think.

Non-toxic and washable paint is recommended. Depending on the amount of light in the room, it’s usually best to opt for neutral tones, such as soft whites, warm greys and light pastels.

All of them are very adaptable and will go with most interiors as your baby grows up.

What’s more, they can also act as the perfect canvas. Just select just a few key pieces to add a bit of rhythm to the walls, such as colored frames or creative wall stickers.

Creating a pattern on one of the walls can also be a great design statement. Look out for stripes, polka dots or geometric patterns!

Furniture: creative on the cheap

If your budget doesn’t stretch to the skies and you can’t afford the all the latest designer items that will need to be replaced in a few years’ time anyway, why not customise cheap or second-hand furniture for your baby?

Think outside the box and consider taking a few Ikea-hacking tips: with very limited supplies, you will be able to give a very modern and personal twist on your nursery furniture.

In terms of colours, white furniture is definitely having a moment this year and will add a touch of class to pretty much any room. Just add one or two colored design accessories to create the perfect combo and make the whole room pop.
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