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Sunday, 1 February 2015

What to look for when choosing a new bed

You no doubt make an array of purchasing decisions every day. From where to get your petrol to which sandwich you'll choose for lunch, you probably buy a lot of things without much thought. However, when it comes to selecting a new bed, it's worth putting some time and effort into the decision making process. Bear in mind that this item will form the focal point of your bedroom. Perhaps even more importantly, you're likely to spend over 20,000 hours on your bed over the next seven years alone. To help ensure you end up with the perfect product, take a look at the following advice.

Select a suitable style

Of course, your bed must meet all your practical needs, but this doesn't mean you have to compromise when it comes to style. There is now a tantalising variety of bedroom furniture on the market and you should be able to find something to sleep on that ticks all of your boxes. For something a little out of the ordinary that will lend your boudoir luxury and class, head to bedroom furniture specialists such as And So To Bed.

You can take your pick from playful sleigh beds, imposing four posters and a host of other designs. Whether you're after ornate, classical creations imbued with a deep sense of history or you'd prefer chic, contemporary pieces to complement modern interior design schemes, you won't be stuck for options.

As well as the shape and style of the bed, think carefully about its colour and finish. By paying attention to every last detail, you can rest assured you'll be 100% happy with your purchase.

Comfort counts

No bed is worth its price tag if it can't provide you with a good night's rest. This is why it pays off to invest in quality pieces that have been designed with total comfort in mind. As well as a sturdy and well made frame, it's vital that your bed benefits from a good mattress. Skimping on this essential can be a big mistake and it may result in many a sleepless night.

Measure up

The dimensions of your bed are crucial too. Before you start your search for a new place to sleep, measure your bedroom and decide how big you want the item to be. If you have a large bedroom, consider getting a big bed. Bear in mind that being disturbed by a partner is one of the most common causes of sleep problems. The more space you have, the less likely it is that you'll experience this issue.

However, don't be tempted get a bed that's too big for the dimensions of your room. Bear in mind that you'll need enough room to manoeuvre around the object and to accommodate your other items of furniture. Also, when beds are too sizeable for their surroundings, their aesthetic appeal can be lost. As long as you take tips like these into account when you're searching for a new bed, you should end up with the ideal version for you.
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