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Friday, 19 December 2014

Different Styles of Wooden Fences for Your Beautiful Home

Your sweet home can look even more beautiful with various different ideas used on the exteriors. We spend a lot of money on the interior decoration of our houses but using a few special thoughts can equally make our home look wonderful and welcoming from the outside. Besides this, there are reasons such as privacy and segregation from neighborhood, safety and protection reasons for which we wish to have a boundary installed to define our particular premises. The idea of using wooden fences to fulfill the above requirements can be quite useful as it comes with many other advantages.

Deciding the type of fence to be installed varies from home to home and city to city due to architectural design and landscape differences. Hiring professional expertise in the US for this would be a wise decision as quality, perfection and other elements need to be taken into consideration before simply installing the fences. There are several such fence contractors available such Delaware fence contractor.

As the topic says, here we will be discussing the different styles of wooden fences for your beautiful home.

Wood Panel Fencing

This type of fencing is used very often by several houses to mark their boundaries and fulfill their privacy objective. It enables you to obtain independency from the neighborhood setting. Each of the panel is four to six feet tall and come in dog eared or pointed pickets. These offer a secure boundary for children and pets too and can be painted in the color of your choice to match the surroundings.

8 Foot Fencing

As the name suggests, these are high fences rising to 8 feet in height. They are ideal in hilly areas where there is no composed landscape and therefore some houses are above the others. To protect privacy, people prefer to install high fences so others are not able to see inside. When these are installed, it must be made sure that the land is dug deep inside so the fixation is strong.

Post-and-Rail Fencing

Split Rail (or Post-and-Rail) fencing is so beautiful; it adds a country-side look to the landscape of any house. These fences are particularly used for separating certain areas on your land. Rails of height 8 to 11 feet are available.

Vinyl Fencing

If you have installed the vinyl fence, you can stay tension fee about its maintenance for a long time. It is attractive and does not rot or fade its quality due to weather impacts. It is considered a good choice for homes and is available in wood and rail fencing.

Wood Picket Fencing

Wood picket fencing is ideal for homes as it offers various different styles and designs of fencing. These designs are quite unique and look beautiful. They are usually painted white and can easily be identified by their equally spaced vertical boards, attached to horizontal rails.

They mark the home boundaries and are mostly low in height but that is what the beauty of such fencing is. As mentioned above, these are painted white and will often need maintenance in the shape of painting or replacement due to the damages caused by weather.

Bamboo Fencing

The name clearly suggests that we are talking about the fence created by use of bamboo. Bamboo fences are famous for the unique look they provide. No doubt bamboo is available in abundance and it is very strong as well. Bamboo fences can be formed in many different styles and they ideally look beautiful with their natural color. Additionally, they are considered less expensive as compared to the vinyl fences.
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