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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Luxury design trends for 2015

If you’re wondering how contemporary luxury homes will be transformed in 2015, be sure to check out the new, emerging design trends; they cater to a wide range of preferences when it comes to popular materials, décor, color schemes and furniture.

Core concepts

Green living is right up there at the top of the pecking order when it comes to home design, with stylists for 2015 choosing to emphasize individual personality, creativity, serenity and simplicity as important features and championing a focus on the unique character of the homes being decorated. Blending traditional, retro, exotic, ethnic and contemporary styles is finding favor, as designers experiment with fresh, creative design ideas and materials: your home can be rustic, yet glamorous; clinically spare, yet chic.

Complement or contrast

When it comes to color, choose a scheme that draws inspiration from your favorite color palette, such as shades of blue – for example, gray or light blue at the paler end of the spectrum through to deep purple or navy blue at the darkest point. Global color authority Pantone has suggested that purple will play a major role in home décor during 2015.

Alternatively, contrasting colors can also work well: black and white carried through from furniture to wall coverings or rugs and spiked here and there with rogue items such as scatter cushions or flowers in bright red, silver or gold (again, based on a tip from Pantone) make for a very striking design statement.

You will also find that the antithesis of all this color control is a style of décor, particularly popular for bedrooms, that is inspired by carefree, bohemian, Gypsy styles and thus a riot of colorful patterns. Team bright bedspreads, pillows and other vibrant fabrics with neutral doors and walls; use plantation shutters either to reinforce the neutral tones or to highlight a featured hue, such as yellow, green or red.

Materials matter

Rustic antique pieces of furniture, as well as modern ones, can be combined successfully with bold contemporary colored glass and ceramic items. In the same way sophisticated and flowing, gently curved decorating fabrics will soften exposed brick walls and concrete surfaces. Trends for 2015 indicate that you can make the most of the luxurious, warming glow from polished metal by including suitable items in a variety of settings. Also, metal, white marble and wood combinations will be popular trends for both classic and contemporary furniture.

Scandinavian influences continue to make a major impact on interior design, with strong adherence to minimalist lines and simple elegance. Salvaged wood, stone and metal add luxury and elegance to spaces – functional furniture need not be unattractive, so say the design gurus, and it is better if materials are found from eco-friendly sources. Natural wood is always appealing and can be combined successfully with a variety of other materials, including glass, marble and plastic.

Whatever your preferences, contemporary or traditional, your opinion matters and there are bound to be design options and color palettes to ensure you can give your home the touch of luxury that is right on trend for 2015.
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